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The Department's doctoral program offers financially attractive research assistantships, which include a generous stipend, full tuition waiver, and a health insurance subsidy. A Masters degree is not needed in order to apply to the Ph.D. program. Doctoral students have the option of obtaining a masters degree while pursuing the Ph.D.

While most applicants for the graduate program have an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, this is not necessarily a requirement. The field of chemical engineering is broad in its scope, so applicants who hold degrees in chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials science, or any engineering discipline are encouraged to apply. Students admitted to our program with such backgrounds are normally required to complete some undergraduate chemical engineering courses. The exact program is tailored to each applicant's previous training.



All graduate applications are submitted online through the Graduate School's Office of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions. Click here to start your application today.


The application deadline for fall admission is January 15th.

The Ph.D. program is accepting applications for Spring, the deadline is October 1. No new applications for Spring will be considered after this deadline. Spring term begins mid-January.

Application Fee

The application fee is automatically waived for all US citizens and permanent residents. Non-US citizens who are enrolled in a degree program or have received a degree from a US institution should contact cbe@nd.edu before completion of the online application to arrange for a possible fee waiver.


All applicants are required to take the GRE General Test (verbal, quantitative and analytical). Official scores from ETS are required in order to receive an admissions decision.

You can upload your unofficial scores directly into your application. Official scores will be required prior to matriculation.


National Awards

Prospective students are encouraged to apply for competitive national fellowships such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships. Students who receive these awards may have their stipends augmented as permitted by the donating agency in accordance with departmental policy. Any applicant from a foreign country should inquire as to the availability of financial aid from his or her government. Augmentation of stipends from these awards may also be possible.


If you have any questions regarding our program or the application process, please contact us at cbe@nd.edu.

If you have questions about your application requirements or status once you have submitted, please contact Graduate Admissions at gradapp@nd.edu and include your date of birth.