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Graduate Course Information

CBE 60522 - Optical Spectroscopy

Principles and applications of spectroscopic measurements and instrumentation. Atomic and molecular absorption, emission, fluorescence, and scattering, emphasizing physical interpretation of experimental data. Prerequisite: General physics ... more >

CBE 60542 - Mathematical Methods in Engineering I

Rigorous development of tools of mathematical analysis and application of these to solve engineering problems. Topics include matrices, linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations, special ... more >

CBE 60544 - Transport Phenomena I

Differential balance equations that govern transport processes are derived and used to solve problems that demonstrate the physical insight necessary to apply these equations to ... more >

CBE 60546 - Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

Analyses and mathematical modeling of chemical reactors with emphasis on heterogeneous reaction systems. more >

CBE 60547 - Computational Chemistry

Atomic scale simulations have exploded in importance in the last twenty years, largely because of the
exponential growth in computing power available to ... more >

CBE 60552 - Mathematical Methods in Engineering II

Continuation of AME 60561/CBE 60542. Partial differential equations, characteristics, separation of variables, similarity and transform solutions, complex variable theory, singular integral equations, integral transforms. Offered ... more >

CBE 60553 - Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

This course is focused on an advanced treatment of thermodynamic concepts. An introduction to molecular thermodynamics is given, followed by detailed treatments of phase equilibrium, ... more >

CBE 60556 - Polymer Engineering

A course for seniors and graduate students in science and engineering who are interested in applications of engineering to polymer science and technology. Topics include ... more >

CBE 60558 - Electro-kinetics

This course will introduce the necessary fundamentals for electro-kinetics, review classical electro-kinetic theory, classify and explain some nonlinear electro-kinetics and outline the unknown phenomena. It ... more >

CBE 60561 - Structure of Solids

This class seeks to provide students with an understanding of the structure of solids, primarily as found in metals, alloys, and ceramics applied in technological ... more >

CBE 60565 - Intermolecular Forces

A study of some of the major concepts of electrochemistry and materials science that provides the student with a foundation for understanding, at a conceptual ... more >

CBE 60567 - Heterogeneous Catalysis

Introduction to solid state and surface chemistry, adsorption, reaction of gases on solid surfaces, experimental techniques in catalysis, catalyst preparation, and industrial catalytic processes. more >

CBE 60572 - Modeling the Earth's Systems: Dynamics in Ecology and the Environment

This course covers various topics pertaining to the Earth's ecological and biogeochemical systems and the effects of disturbances or imbalances, particularly those caused by human/industrial ... more >

CBE 60575 - Applied Optimization for Process Operations

The development of important technologies are presented with some explanation of the engineering and science necessary for their development and implementation. The resulting impact on ... more >

CBE 60581 - Biomedical Engineering Transport Phenomena

This course brings together fundamental engineering and life science principles, and provides a focused coverage of key concepts in biomedical engineering transport phenomena. The emphasis ... more >

CBE 60585 - Biological Thermodynamics

This course provides a survey of the use and application of classical and statistical thermodynamics to biological systems. It covers how the First and Second ... more >

CBE 60598 - Energy & Climate

This course integrates the principles of physical sciences and engineering as they pertain to energy, its sources and uses and the impact of these on ... more >

CBE 60910 - Selected Topics in Material Processing

This course covers a limited number of materials processing techniques used by materials researchers as well as industrial manufacturers. The primary areas to be covered ... more >