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Undergraduate Research & Other Opportunities

The faculty has active research programs in many of the most exciting and important fields of chemical engineering. Undergraduate students participate in research in each of these areas, and the faculty encourage all students to consider taking advantage of this resource and enrich their education by participating in projects that are intended to lead to new discoveries.

Undergraduate students in laboratoryThrough original research, students learn new experimental, computational, and theoretical skills that can help both in their class work and in their future careers. Research also provides an opportunity for students to experience, while still undergraduates, the challenges, expectations, and excitement that would occur if they chose a career path that included graduate school followed by academic or industrial research.

If you are interested in participating in undergraduate research for course credit, please submit the UG Research Request Form (use ND Google account).

More information on undergraduate research in CBE can be found here.

Research for Course Credit

CBE 48901 - Undergraduate Research

A research project at the undergraduate level under the supervision of a faculty member.

CBE 48902 - Advanced Undergraduate Research

This course is intended for students with previous research experience and requires at least one credit of 48901 as a prerequisite. It requires a written final report. This course will count as a technical or engineering elective.

CBE 48903 - Undergraduate Thesis

This course requires a written thesis document that is defended to a committee of faculty. At least one credit of 48901 research is a prerequisite, although several semesters are recommended. This course will count in place of a chemical engineering elective. 


November 2014:

AIChE Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Biomedical Engineering Society, Midwest Biomedical Engineering Career Conference Hosted by Wayne State 

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Please check out the NSF website to search for a complete list of REU programs nationwide. Below are a few of the REUs and other research internships that are relevant to CBE students. Check again later for updates.

Other opportunities

Federal Government chemical engineering jobs, nationwide: USAjobs.gov

Past Opportunities

West Virginia Univeristy Center for Neruoscience Summer Internship Applications due by February 1, 2014

Virginia Tech

Bioprocess Engineering for Sustainability, Applications reviewed beginning February 1, 2014 until spots are filled. Still accepting apps as of 3/5

University of Alabama, Birmingham

Regional Initiative to Promote Undergraduate Participation in Experimental and Computational Materials Research, Application deadline March 15, 2014

University of Alabama 

Fluid Mechanics with Analysis Using Computations and Experiments March 14, 2014

*new* Leveraging Computational Tools for Enhancing Engineering Innovation March 15th, 2014 Program Flier

University of Kentucky

Engineered Bioactive Interfaces and Devices, Application Deadline February 14, 2014

University of Wisconsin, Madison Application site, deadline February 15, 2014 Program Flier

REU in Nanotechnology

Chemistry and Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chemistry of Materials for Renewable Energy

Kansas State University (K State)

Sustainable BioEnergy at the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) Applications due by February 14, 2014

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Ole Miss Physical Chemistry Research Program, Application Deadline February 24, 2014

University of Pittsburgh

Particle-based Functional Materials (PFM) Applications accepted until March 1, 2014

University of Pittsburgh Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Final application deadline March 1, 2014

Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Nanoscience and Engineering Applications due by February 15, 2014

Langley Aerospace Research Student Scholars Program (LARSS) Applications due by February 1, 2014

LARSS Interactive Brochure    LARSS Flyer