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Reilly Lectureship

Reilly Lectureship

Initiated in 1958, the distinguished Reilly Lectureship at Notre Dame is perhaps the oldest continuing endowed lectureship in chemical and biomolecular engineering in the United States. The lecture series is supported by the Peter C. Reilly Fund, which was established in 1945 in honor of the late Peter C. Reilly, a former University Trustee and recipient of an honorary LLD degree. Each Reilly speaker gives two talks in the lecture series; one for a general audience and a technical talk.

The Reilly Lectures now occur annually each spring.

Previous Reilly speakers:

1958         James W. Weswater, University of Illinois
1960         Wendell C. DeMarcus, University of Kentucky
1960         G. M. Schwab, Phys. Chemistry Inst., University of Munich
1960         Joseph M. Smith, Northwestern University
1961         H. G. Drickamer, University of Illinois
1961         Paul H. Emmett, Johns Hopkins University
1962         Neal R. Amundson, University of Minnesota
1962         Richard H. Wilhelm, Princeton University
1963         Barnett F. Dodge, Yale University
1963         Stuart W. Churchill, University of Michigan
1963         Fred Kurata, University of Kansas
1964         Robert L. Pigford, University of Delaware
1964         Raymond F. Baddour, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1965         Michael Boudart, Stanford University
1965         Olaf A. Hougen, University of Wisconsin
1966         Charles R. Wilke, University of California at Berkeley
1966         I. Prigogine, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
1967         Hugh M. Hulburt, Northwestern University
1967         Fritz Fetting, Technical Hochshule, Darmstadt, Germany
1968         Donald L. Katz, University of Michigan
1968         Joseph J. Martin, University of Michigan
1969         Giovanni Astarita, University of Naples, Italy
1969         Hanns Hofmann, University of Erlangen, Germany
1970         Rutherford Aris, University of Minnesota
1971         Thomas J. Hanratty, University of Illinois
1971         L. E. Scriven, University of Minnesota
1972         Andreas Acrivos, Stanford University
1972         Cedomir M. Sliepcevich, University of Oklahoma
1973         Leon Lapidus, Princeton University
1973         James Wei, University of Delaware
1973         Theodore Vermeulen, University of California at Berkeley
1974         Arthur B. Metzner, University of Delaware
1974         John H. Sinfelt, ESSO Research & Engng. Co., Linden, NJ
1975         Dale F. Rudd, University of Wisconsin
1976         Eugene E. Petersen, University of California at Berkeley
1977         Vern W. Weekman, Jr., Mobil R&D. Corp., Paulsboro, NJ
1978         Keith E. Gubbins, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1979         Truman S. Storvick, University of Missouri - Columbia
1980         Morton M. Denn, University of Delaware
1981         Cornelius J. Pings, California Institute of Technology
1982         H. T. Davis, University of Minnesota
1983         John H. Seinfeld, California Institute of Technology
1984         W. Harmon Ray, University of Wisconsin
1985         William R. Schowalter, Princeton University
1986         Dan Luss, University of Houston
1987         John A. Quinn, University of Pennsylvania
1988         Edwin N. Lightfoot, Jr., University of Wisconsin
1989         Sheldon Isakoff, E. I. duPont Corp., Wilmington DE
1990         Lanny D. Schmidt, University of Minnesota
1991         Howard M. Brenner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1992         L. Gary Leal, University of California at Santa Barbara
1993         Warren E. Stewart, University of Wisconsin
1994         Alexis T. Bell, University of California, Berkeley
1995         Arthur W. Westerberg, Carnegie Mellon University
1996         William B. Russel, Princeton University
1997         Roy Jackson, Princeton University
1998         Michael L. Shuler, Cornell University
1999         Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2000         Charles A. Eckert, Georgia Institute of Technology
2001         Sangtae Kim, Lilly Research Laboratories
2002         Mark E. Davis, California Institute of Technology
2004         Peter T. Cummings, Vanderbilt University & Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2005         Larry V. McIntire, Emory University
2006         Julio M. Ottino, Northwestern University
2007         Pablo G. Debenedetti, Princeton University
2008         Rakesh K. Jain, Harvard Medical School
2009         J. Michael Ramsey, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2010         William J. Koros, Georgia Institute of Technology
2011         Carol K. Hall, North Carolina State University
2012         William F. Banholzer, Dow Chemical Company
2013         Matthew Tirrell, University of Chicago
2014         Frank S. Bates, University of Minnesota
2015         Nicholas A. Peppas, University of Texas at Austin
2016         Stacey F. Bent, Stanford University
2017         Frances H. Arnold, California Institute of Technology
2018         Nicholas L. Abbott, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2019         Sharon C. Glotzer, University of Michigan