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Graduate School Ceremony

Details for the time, location, and date of the Graduate School Commencement Ceremony can be found on the Graduate School commencement website as they become available.


Commencement Ceremonies

The Graduate School holds one Commencement ceremony in May of each year; students who graduate in August and January are invited to participate in the Commencement celebrations the following May. This year, alumni who graduated in August 2016 and January 2017 and students set to graduate in May 2017 may participate in the May 2017 ceremonies.

Doctoral recipients will be hooded, and doctoral and master’s degrees for May graduates will be conferred, at the Graduate School Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 20. Note: Separate ceremonies are held for graduate students in architecture, business, and law. Please consult your program for additional information.

Dr. Laura Carlson, dean of the Graduate School will host the Graduate School Commencement Ceremony; Fr. John Jenkins, president of the University, will confer degrees to candidates as presented by the college deans. Witnesses to the conferral of degrees will include Dr. Tom Burish, provost of the University, other senior academic officers, and family and friends in the audience.


The Graduate School Commencement Ceremony will be held in the Compton Family Ice Arena on the south edge of campus.

The ceremony will also be streamed online for guests that cannot be in attendance. See the Registrar’s Commencement website for more information. A DVD of the ceremony will also be available for purchase.
Commencement Forms Required

Students attending the Graduate School Commencement Ceremony, during which degrees will be conferred and diplomas distributed, should also complete the Graduate School Commencement RSVP form (available March 2017). Prior to completing the form, PhD. graduates should confirm whether their advisors will be available to attend the Commencement Ceremony to perform the doctoral hooding. (Advisors who are not available to attend the ceremony generally provide recommendations for alternate faculty members.)


All students, staff, faculty and friends and family of the participants are invited to attend the Graduate School Commencement Ceremony on Saturday. Guest tickets are not required for this ceremony, but we do ask that you provide a rough count of those who will be attending to ensure that we have enough seating prepared.

Tickets are required for the University Commencement Ceremony on Sunday. See the Registrar’s Commencement site or their Commencement FAQ for more information.


Friday, May 19
11:30 AM Graduate Mass and Blessing (Basilica of the Sacred Heart). All members of the Notre Dame community are invited, especially graduating masters and doctoral students and their families and guests.

Saturday, May 20
9:00 AM Assemble for academic procession (Compton Family Ice Arena)
9:40 AM Academic procession. (Cap and gown attire required.)
10:00 AM Graduate School Commencement Ceremony. Estimated end time: 11:30 AM.

Sunday, May 21
8:15 AM Assemble for academic procession into the University Ceremony. Graduate students will line up by the college from which they are receiving their degree (e.g., Arts and Letters, Engineering, Science). See the Registrar’s Commencement site for more information.
9:00 AM University Commencement Ceremony. See the Registrar’s Commencement site for more information.