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Honors, Awards, and Speakers

Information regarding Latin honors, valedictorian selection, and departmental awards.

Latin Honors

In the undergraduate colleges or schools, a degree will be granted with highest honors (summa cum laude) if a student’s Grade Point Average ranks among the top 5.000 percent of those students graduating from the student’s college or school; with high honors (magna cum laude) if a student’s Grade Point Average ranks among the top 15.000 percent of the student’s college or school; or with honors (cum laude) if a student’s Grade Point Average ranks among the top 30.000 percent of the student’s college or school. A student who meets the requirements of more than one category of honors will be awarded only the highest honor for which that student qualifies.

Summa Cum Laude      Magna Cum Laude         Cum Laude                       
College of Engineering  3.924 3.878 3.758

Further Details: 

1. GPA cut-offs for determining Latin Honor levels for each College were completed in January 2020.

2. After Fall semester a preliminary list of seniors earning Latin Honors was provided to the printer for the Commencement Program.

3. Final Latin Honor determinations are made after Spring grades are submitted.

4. Your diploma will list your Latin Honors earned after your final GPA is determined.

So, at graduation, your diploma and your honor cord will reflect what you earned after your final semester GPA is determined. However, the Commencement program will list Latin Honors earned in the Fall and are qualified in the program as being preliminary.

30 days after commencement a reprint of the Commencement Book will be run to update and correct Latin Honors. If your Latin Honors changed between Fall semester and your final semester a new book will be mailed to your house.


Valedictorian Candidates

The Provost office and a committee that they form determines the valedictorian candidates based on a report we(office of the Registrar) provide to them of everyone with a GPA of 3.8 or higher. 

Department Commencement Speaker

Department commencement speaker and the student selected to give the invocation are voted on by their classmates via a survey sent out by the department.

Departmental Awards

Undergraduate Research Award –  A certificate and cash award to one or more undergraduate students considered to have performed outstanding research.

Chemical Engineering Alumni Award –  A certificate and cash award to one or more seniors in recognition of a combination of high scholastic standing and involvement in extra-curricular activities.

John Treacy Award – A certificate and cash award to the student with the highest score in Thermodynamics I in their sophomore year.

American Institute of Chemists Award – A certificate and cash award given each year to an outstanding senior in the Department of Chemical Engineering on the basis of a demonstrated leadership ability, character, scholastic achievement, and potential for advancement of the chemical professions.

Chemical Engineering Faculty Award – A certificate and a cash award to the senior having the highest scholastic average after seven semesters of study. 

Reverend Thomas A. Steiner Award - College of Engineering award winner for all-around excellence, commitment to engineering, and to the common good. 

Dr. James P. Kohn Scholarship - A cash award seeking to reduce the financial burdens of some of the strongest undergraduate students in Chemical & Biomoleculuar Engineering.