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Course Information

CBE 60443 Separation Processes

This course demonstrates the application of the principles of phase equilibria, transport processes, and chemical kinetics to the design and characterization of stagewise and continuous separation processes.

CBE 60445 Chemical Reaction Engineering

The basic concepts of chemical rate processes are applied to the theory of the design and operation of the various types of commercial reactors for both noncatalytic and catalytic reactions.

CBE 60457 Polymer Science & Engineering

This course is an intermediate level introduction to the fundamental chemistry and physics of polymer materials.

CBE 60466 Colloid & Interfacial Systems

This course is an intermediate level introduction to the fundamental physical chemistry and physics of colloid and interfacial science.

CBE 60522 Optical Spectroscopy

Principles and applications of spectroscopic measurements and instrumentation. Atomic and molecular absorption, emission, fluorescence, and scattering, emphasizing physical interpretation of experimental data.

CBE 60535 Electrochemical Energy

This course offers a comprehensive look at the electrochemical nature of energy conversion and storage in fuel cells and batteries, the engineering requirements that must be fulfilled for their efficient operation and the technology of their construction.

CBE 60542 Math Methods Engineering I

Rigorous development of tools of mathematical analysis and application of methods to solve engineering problems. Topics include matrices, linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations, special functions, and modeling.

CBE 60544 Transport Phenomena I

Differential balance equations that govern transport processes are derived and used to solve problems that demonstrate the physical insight necessary to apply these equations to original situations. The emphasis in this course is on fluid mechanics.

CBE 60546 Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

Analyses and mathematical modeling of chemical reactors with emphasis on heterogeneous reaction systems.

CBE 60547 Computational Chemistry

This course introduces the basis of modern approaches to computing the thermodynamics and kinetics of gas-phase, condensed-phase, and surface chemical reactions from first principles.

CBE 60553 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

This course is focused on an advanced treatment of thermodynamic concepts.

CBE 60561 Structure of Solids

This class seeks to provide students with an understanding of the structure of solids, primarily as found in metals, alloys, and ceramics applied in technological applications.

CBE 60579 Intro- Cellular/ Tissue Engineering

The first half will cover principles of cell and developmental biology that guide current approaches in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.The second half covers techniques involved in cultivating cells for applications in recombinant protein production as well as the design of bioartificial organs and regenerative therapeutics.

CBE 60667 Mass Transfer Membrane Systems

This course covers a variety of mass transfer mechanisms and the theories developed to describe them (e.g., diffusion-solubility, hindered flow through pores, and facilitated transport).