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Graduate Alumni Profiles | Gaurav Arya

Gaurav Arya

Gaurav Arya '03

Advisor: Hsueh-Chia Chang and Edward J. Maginn
Thesis Title: Molecular Simulation of Transport in Nanoporous Materials
Undergraduate School: IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
PostDoc: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Prof. Athanassios Panagiotopoulos' group, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544; Assistant Research Scientist in Prof. Tamar Schlick's group, Department of Chemistry and Courant Insititute of Mathematical Sciences, New York Univeristy, NY 10003.

Current Position

Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego


I am investigating the role of histone tails and their modifications in the folding of chromatin and its subsequent transcription state using brownian dynamics simulations and free energy calculations.

My Notre Dame experience was truly great, both on the professional and personal fronts. As far as the university is concerned, I think Notre Dame posseses an outstanding academic enviroment with exceptional facilities and great minds. Notre Dame is also an excellent place to live in and be part of. Its campus is clearly the most beautiful I have seen to date, the graduate housing is also possibly the best in the country, the people are very friendly, and, who can forget Notre Dame football (GO IRISH !!).

Notre Dame chemical engineering department has top-notch faculties who give equal importance to research and teaching, which is hard to find in top departments nowadays. The professors are a friendly bunch who always maintain an "open door" policy for students. As a graduate student in this department, I worked with Chia Chang and Ed Maginn on several interesting and challenging problems in the area of transport through nanoporous materials. They were truly great scientist, mentors and friends, whom I still approach for professional advice.

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