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Graduate Alumni Profiles | Michael King

Michael King

Michael King '99

Advisor: Dr. David T. Leighton
Thesis Title: Topics in Fluid Mechanics: T On the Stability of Stratified Flows. TT Droplet-Droplet and Particle-Plane Interactions Near Contact.
Undergraduate School: B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester
Graduate School: University of Notre Dame
PostDoc: University of Pennsylvania

Current Position

Mike joined the faculty of biomedical engineering at the Univ. of Rochester in early 2002, and holds secondary appointments in Chemical Engineering and Biophysics. He is a 2003 Whitaker Investigator and in 2004 received the prestigious James D. Watson Investigator Award from the State of New York.


"Working for Profs. Leighton and McCready, I was able to work on an interesting range of problems in fluid mechanics. I learned to construct mathematical models from first principles and devise experiments that isolate key mechanisms and test the theories. The CHEG faculty is a smart and collegial bunch, and there is a great deal of camaraderie among the graduate students. Overall, I received a solid fundamental education that has served me well as I moved from my thesis research into new interdisciplinary fields."

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