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Program Objectives

The chemical engineering faculty has established specific outcomes that we expect all students to attain before graduation. We use these when making decisions about curricular changes and to help us evaluate our effectiveness. These could also be useful to students comparing Universities as the differences between our program and those at other institutions are explicitly revealed.

Students who have graduated in Chemical Engineering at Notre Dame have pursued, successfully, a wide range of career paths. We believe that this has resulted from the interests of students who enter our program and is facilitated by our emphasis on fundamental aspects of chemical engineering. Thus consistent with the mission of the University, the Chemical Engineering program seeks to develop students who:

  1. Pursue knowledge and commensurate understanding and critically evaluate the consequences of these.
  2. Communicate clearly and effectively.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in the art and science of chemical engineering with a strong understanding of the fundamental principles of pure and engineering sciences on which chemical engineering practice is based.
  4. Appreciate their social and moral responsibilities both within their careers in engineering and through service in their communities.
  5. Understand how chemical engineering connects with other major disciplines to produce the goods and services needed by society.