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Study Abroad

More than half of Notre Dame students study abroad before graduation and the University ranks in the top 10 PhD-granting institutions for undergraduate study abroad participation. The University has dozens of different study abroad opportunities for both semester-long and summer programs, and a number of these are open to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering majors.

Semester Programs 

Semester-long programs offer students the opportunity to spend an entire academic semester abroad while continuing their major required and university required coursework. These opportunities allow students to immerse themselves in new places and cultures for an extended period of time. There are two programs available to Chemical Engineering majors that allow them to continue their major courses while abroad.


Dublin, Ireland- University College Dublin

Students will take one or two courses at the Keough-Naughton Notre Dame Center in Dublin and the remainder of their courses at UCD, one of the Republic of Ireland’s best universities. Notre Dame’s Keough-Naughton Center is located at the University of Notre Dame Dublin Global Gateway on Merrion Square, the most elegant Georgian square in central Dublin. The Dublin program includes trips relevant to the core course taken by all students, an optional community-based learning component, and service opportunities. Students will live in UCD campus dormitories with other international and Irish students. Dublin is a capital city of 1 million people located on the Irish Sea, which is on the east coast or Ireland. Physically a small city-- all the major museums and sites are within walking distance-- it has a rich cultural life manifested especially in its established and experimental theatre and traditional Irish and classical music. It is a young city, with over 100,000 college-age students in its many educational institutions.


Perth, Australia - University of Western Australia

Students enroll in courses at the University of Western Australia (UWA). UWA, established in 1911, is one of Australia’s top universities and is a member of Australia’s prestigious group of eight leading research universities. A special program has been developed for engineering students, which combines course work with fieldwork or research in conjunction with local Australian engineering companies and UWA professors. Students live in a community setting in UWA’s residential dormitories. All dorms are within walking distance of the university’s main academic buildings and are staffed with rectors and other administrative personnel. Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a modern but relaxed city of about 1.6 million people and boasts a variety of natural and man-made attractions both in its downtown area and immediate suburbs. Like neighboring Fremantle, Perth enjoys a cosmopolitan lifestyle with many cafés, galleries, restaurants, and pubs.





Summer Programs

Studying abroad in the summer gives students the opportunity to experience all of the benefits of living and studying in a foreign country without missing any time on campus. These programs are a great chance to experience all of the unique options studying abroad has to offer during the summer months. Taking these classes allows students to get ahead in their credits and schedule by taking classes required for all chemical and biomolecular engineers.


London, England

There are two separate programs available for summer study abroad in London for Chemical Engineering majors. The CBE Summer London program is run by our department and faculty and allows chemical engineers to get take major specific course while abroad. The College of Engineering Summer London Program is open to any major of engineer, and offers students the opportunity to take general engineering courses over the summer.

The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Summer London Program

This program is only open is to undergraduate chemical and biomolecular engineers, and gives them an opportunity to explore London while taking two CBE classes for five weeks. Students live in Lee Abbey Hall in the heart of Kensington, and take classes at Imperial College-London, in South Kensington. The chemical engineering lab is a required course and taught by a Notre Dame professor, and the plant operations class is a CBE Elective. Both classes are taught at Imperial College-London. The plant operations course is taught in the ChemEng Discovery Space at Imperial College, a fully functional Carbon Capture Plant. 

The Summer Engineering London Program

This program is a unique opportunity for all undergraduate engineers to explore London while taking two classes for six weeks. Students live in Notre Dame's Conway Hall, close to Waterloo Station, and take classes at Notre Dame's Fischer Hall, near Trafalgar Square. Classes are in the morning, allowing students to have time to explore the city. Both classes are engineering electives, taught by Notre Dame professors. 



Rome, Italy

The Summer Engineering Rome Program is an opportunity for undergraduate engineers to explore Rome while taking 2 engineering classes for 6 weeks. Students live with other Notre Dame students in apartments in the city. They take classes in English at the Notre Dame Rome Centre a block from the Colosseum.  The program also includes field trips to places of cultural, religious, and engineering significance. The summer Engineering Program allows students to have a unique cultural experience by being immersed in the Italian culture. 2016   was the third year the program took place in Rome, and 50 students studied abroad.



Alcoy, Spain

The Summer Engineering Spain Program allows all undergraduate engineers to explore Spain while taking 2 engineering classes for 6 weeks. The program takes place in Alcoy, a small city in the state of Valencia near the southeast coast of Spain. Students live in dormitories and take 1 class taught by a Notre Dame professor and 1 class taught by a professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Alcoy. Both classes are taught in English. The program also includes field trips to places of cultural, religious, and engineering significance. In 2016, 34 students went on the program. The Summer Engineering Program allows students to have a unique cultural experience by being immersed in the Spanish culture.