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Alumni Profiles

Alumni with degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame have gone on to decorated and exciting careers in a wide array of fields. The following profiles highlight some of our most varied and successful graduates.


Dr. Dante Simonetti

Assistant Professor, UCLA

"In addition to learning the fundamentals of chemical engineering, interaction with faculty performing high-level research helped me to develop the entrepreneurial spirit required to push research boundaries and put ideas into practice. Furthermore, this close interaction taught me to understand the inextricable link between innovation and societal needs"

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Shelly Fuhrman Elliot

Management Consulting, Arconic, Inc.

"Though chemical engineering is widely recognized as the most difficult major on campus, I will also argue that it is by far the most versatile one, opening up doors into many industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, consulting, oil and gas, biotech, technology, and many others. The possibilities are endless because, as a CHEG, you are a problem solver, critical thinker, think outside-the-boxer, innovator, high performing team member and effective communicator." 

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Dr. Jay Traverse, M.D.

Director of Research, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

"If you are interested in medicine then there is no better education you can receive than a degree in chemical engineering. An engineering degree gives you a unique skill-set that cannot be obtained in pre-med or the biological sciences. An engineering curriculum teaches you to think critically and analytically and provides you with life-long skills in problem solving. My education at Notre Dame was outstanding and gave me the tools to have a successful career in medicine."

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