A Special Message to the CBE Class of 2020

Congratulations CBE 2020 graduates

In reflecting upon the Class of 2020, parallels can be drawn with running the 400 meter hurdles, the longest and most demanding of the hurdling races.

You all started your own four-year version of the race in Fall 2016. The race has 10 hurdles evenly sized and spaced along the track, and each of you has had unique hurdles to overcome. For some that might be intense Num Stats, Organic Chemistry voodoo, the profound Math of Transport, or the lengthy lab reports.

Others may have had hurdles with the ebbs and flows of student organizations, relationships drifting apart, or even that devastating loss to the Tigers.

One thing uniting this class is that the last hurdle was replaced with a climbing wall. We’ve witnessed a perseverance from this class that we had not seen before. Not in learning distantly through digital means, you are digital natives after all, but rather in uprooting your community. When you visited Notre Dame five years ago, you got a look at the community that would help you through the next four years and beyond. Each of you are still a part of this new virtual community and have been more dedicated than ever before.

In March, this stopped being a race, and instead you each assisted one another over the last climbing wall to cross the finish line, hands held strong with no one left behind. Your professors couldn’t be prouder of your accomplishments over the last four years, but even more so over the last two months.

Over the next year each of you will take a separate path but maintain the deep connection via the vast alumni network of Notre Dame. We know that some of you will start climbing the corporate ladder or seek an advanced degree, and others will work with an NGO. Still others may work on temporary increases in toilet paper production. Whatever you do, one thing is certain: you will be a force for good in this world, and we want to know all about it. Congratulations Class of 2020, you’ve more than earned it.

— Faculty and staff of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Congratulations to the CBE Class of 2020!

Emily ApakianKayla GoudeauErin O’Brien
Quinn Baker Kevin HansonOmosefe Obanor
Jason BallardLeigh HardenArthur Ortiz
James BathonSpencer HayesArsenii Panteleev
Emily Beegan William HearneDavid Pedler
Ryan Blackwell-Rudasill Paul HelgemoKylie Prymak
Kristina Bonnet Elizabeth InnisHenry Ridder
Alexa Bradley Jordan IsnerErin Roche
Kaitlyn Brandano Priyanka JainAaron Roe
David Brown John JedrzynskiAlyssa Schuettpelz
Santiago Calderon Patrick JenningsJoseph Seaman
Kiana Caranto Anna KluenderErica Slogar
Cecily Castillo Danielle KoterbayGabriel Solorzano
Luke Clair Douglas LyonCarter Sorenson
Ryan Crossin Felipe MagallanesJaime Isabell Spencer
Christian Cyrul Matthew MagieraHannah Swope
Stanley DennisonWilliam MatthewsChristopher Tapiea
Frank Dijak Madison McGheeErica Terranova
Heather DiLallo Mary McKinleyJacob Thilman
Benjamin Dowd Christopher MengKyle Tomshack
Daniel Duell Holly MillerJohn Toomey
Kyra Dvorak Kari MinnichFrancis Van Ess
Leah Fast Kayleigh MooreRamon Villafana
Kirstin Favazzo Cesar MorenoMichael Visconti
Jacquelyn Folts Loyal MurphyElizabeth Waldram
Colleen Freeman Connor MurrayWhitney Walter
Olivia Garcia-Velez Pedro Henrique NavarroMatthew Winkler
Clayton Goldman Kristine NguyenClaire Yin