We combine a strong focus on chemical engineering with a broad education in the humanities and science, giving you the best of both — deep knowledge in chemical engineering and a solid understanding of the related scientific, social, and moral issues.


Accreditation – ABET

CBE Undergrad Anna Kleunder in Schleckser Family Unit Operations Laboratory

Why Study Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Notre Dame?

Classes are taught by faculty who care deeply about your learning, who apply the latest teaching innovations and technologies inside the classroom, and who are accessible outside the classroom. Advising and internship opportunities lay the path for your career and education beyond Notre Dame.

Courses and Curriculum

Two undergraduate students using equipment in the Schleckser Family Unit Operations Laboratory

Our curriculum marries a solid foundation in chemical engineering principles with modern data science and computational tools. You’ll have the flexibility to tailor your education to your interests and academic goals. Concentrations are available in Biomolecular Engineering, Energy, or Materials.

CBE Curriculum
CBE 4-year Curriculum Flowsheet (pdf)
CBE 4-year Pre-med Curriculum Flowsheet (pdf)

More information about Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering degree programs, including course requirements, minors and concentrations, and advising, are available in the CBE Undergraduate Handbook (pdf).

Research and Internships

Working alongside faculty and Ph.D. students, you’ll have opportunities to participate in research in many of the most exciting and innovative fields of chemical and biomolecular engineering.

You can choose research for course credit or as a paid research assistant.

Summer REU student Katherine Acosta with Prof. Matthew Webber

Study Abroad

Imperial College, London
Imperial College, London

Expand your skills and global perspective by studying abroad. Semester-long programs in locations around the world are available through Notre Dame International Study Abroad.

The College of Engineering offers 6-week summer programs in locations around the world Students who participate in the Summer London Program with Imperial College, a summer experience designed for students studying chemical engineering, work in the pilot-scale carbon capture plant right on campus.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Our students are active in the Notre Dame chapter of The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the primary professional student organization for chemical engineering students, as well as many other clubs and professional organizations.

Notre Dame team at ChemE car competition


Prof. Troy Vogel
Director of Undergraduate Studies
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